ARBECEL, a leading chemical industry producer of water-soluble-cellulose-based in Southeast Asia. We are dedicated to providing high-quality chemical products.

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Arbe Chemindo combines superior European technologies with exceptional customer service in Southeast Asia. We maintain our commitment to quality by utilizing best-in-class licensed technology from Hoechst, Germany, making us one of the limited producers in the world to do so.

Our production and storage facility are located in the Jababeka Industrial Estate of Jakarta, Indonesia, where we prioritize providing our customers with competitive delivery and lead times. We also offer comprehensive pre-and-post sales support to ensure our customers receive the best service possible.

Our Products

Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision

To provide manufacturers of all sizes in Southeast Asia with ARBECEL, empowering them to maintain consistent production of products at the highest level of quality.

The Arbecel Difference

ARBECEL is a highly pure thickening solution that has a broad range of applications, making it the ideal choice. We provide thickening solutions to various industries in Southeast Asia.